Safety is Top Priority on the Job Site

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Whether it’s a simple crane service call to lift a 250 lb. swamp cooler, OR a high profile, multi-level military hospital project needing several 40,000 lb. roof-top units set, each job is equally analyzed to ensure the safety of personnel and property. Since no two job sites are alike, each service requires careful planning and coordination (in-house and with other contractors/agencies) in order to provide our crane services safely and reliably… At Alliance Riggers & Constructors, we believe SAFETY IS A TEAM EFFORT, as exemplified by our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.70!

Operators and Riggers

Our experienced NCCCO crane operators and riggers receive ongoing training and testing (Operator training/testing, Rigger/Signalman training/testing, OSHA 30-Hour training/testing, updates on new laws and regulations, etc.) to ensure they are qualified to perform their tasks.

Safety at our Facility

All of our service cranes and lifts have their daily, periodic, and 3rd party annual inspections performed and logged. In addition, we have our operators & mechanics routinely inspect, check, and maintain all of our various crane service equipment. All of our rigging and hardware is inspected and certified before it’s put into service. In the pre-planning phase of most lifts, we provide a detailed “lift plan” that includes a 3D diagram with load information as well as crane/rigging configurations and capacities.

Safety at the Job Site

A few of the many potential hazards that exist when providing crane service includes: loss of load, rigging failure, crane tipping, falls, struck by objects or moving parts, pinch points, caught between, electrocution, wind/lightning/rain, strains/sprains, etc. Our crew of experienced and certified supervisors, crane and equipment operators, riggers, and signalmen are the key to our safety and success rate. Prior to executing a lift, our lift director (competent person) conducts a pre-lift safety/coordination meeting with all lift personnel and reviews the Activity Hazard Analysis form (AHA). Additionally, we ensure our work areas are flagged and barricaded off as a part of our safety measures. From planning to execution of every job, safety is our top priority!

Alliance Riggers is Available for Your Crane Service Needs

If you are in need of crane service for your construction projects in the El Paso area, Alliance Riggers & Constructors are locally based. Let the experienced professionals at Alliance Riggers provide you with safe and reliable crane service that your next lift demands. Contact us today for more information.

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