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Safety on the Job

When you call us for crane service, we ensure the job gets done in a timely and satisfactory manner with the utmost attention to safety. You know we are committed to a safe job when you review our Experience Modification Rate (EMR). It is among the lowest

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What You Need to Know About EMRs

A company’s EMR has a weighty impact on their business. The Experience Modification Rate is used primarily by insurance companies to gauge the cost of past injuries and future risk level. The goal is to have the lowest possible EMR because that relates to the costs of

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Safety is Top Priority on the Job Site

Whether it’s a simple crane service call to lift a 250 lb. swamp cooler, OR a high profile, multi-level military hospital project needing several 40,000 lb. roof-top units set, each job is equally analyzed to ensure the safety of personnel and property. Since no two job sites

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